B2B appointment setting from The PT Services Group.

Unlock a new pipeline for prospects and referrals.

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The PT Services Group opens the door to new prospects and new business with industry‑leading appointment setting and data collection programs.

Is finding new prospects to generate new business the best use of your time? Is lead generation your best skill? For an experienced professional with an established presence in your industry, frankly, your time is best spent engaging business owners and key decision makers that need the services you offer, not chasing down leads and making cold calls.

With an active appointment setting program, you can tap into:
  • A stronger sales pipeline, driving both sales and referrals
  • More opportunities with business owner prospects you otherwise would not have met
  • Appointments that are exclusive by list and by call-type
  • Exclusive sales coaching on how to succeed in a set appointment
  • A business intelligence report to help you prepare for the appointment