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The Crime of the 21st Century: Elder Financial Abuse

At Risk: Estimated Losses of $2.9 Billion Annually, with 1 in 6 Adults Aged 65+ Victimized

Elder financial abuse (EFA) is on the rise, impacting people across all social classes and economic strata. Financial professionals who serve elders and other at-risk adults must educate themselves to recognize their clients’ risk for EFA and design protective plans to prevent it.

The author provides valuable insight into the rising tide of EFA, and how advisors can take steps to protect their aging and at-risk clients. You’ll learn:

  • The scope of the problem beyond outright theft, misappropriation, and misuse of funds
  • How to identify possible perpetrators of EFA
  • Reasons behind and consequences of underreporting EFA
  • Benefits and drawbacks of the general durable power of attorney
  • Use of a Funded Revocable Living Trust to defend against EFA
  • How elder mediation can eliminate the need for court-supervised conservatorship

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